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Friday, April 28, 2006

Two blocks?

Didn't Bruce Willis put out a movie recently called 16 Blocks?

A rhetorical question I realize, but couldn't Denny Hastert, erstwhile school-bus driver of a young SW, slag off a few pounds by walking two blocks to the Rayburn house office building?

You must work up a sweat after getting a ride in a hydrogen-powered vehicle and before that, doing a grandstanding photo-op.

The outcry over the price at the pump has politicians scurrying to come up with immediate relief: Republican Senators proposed putting a $100 bill under everybody's pillow. This is direct and simple. In fact, it's the perfect response to every complaint, not just high gas prices. Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) called for a 60- day suspension of the federal tax on fuel. That'll work too, but people will be even happier if we make it permanent. After all, the national debt is so far out of control it no longer matters. Republicans also want to start exploring for oil in wildlife refuges. That won't help much in the short term, but a chance to screw environmentalists doesn't come up every day. In short, American ingenuity will find a way. Or we could just let gas prices rise a little, but that might encourage a change to more fuel efficient cars, public transportation, getting a little exercise, cleaner air, shorter commutes, less traffic...


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