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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Because of difficult-to-break habits, I have tended to use footnotes liberally in my blog posts. Apparently, this will prove handy for me should I ever have to do battle with wing-nut politicos1.

1Mooney, C., Fun with Footnotes, excerpt: (Senator) Inhofe then commented that Crichton's novel "should have been required reading" and noted, "It is all footnoted in areas that are just incontrovertible in terms of the science.", The Internets (2005).2

2 Bubba says: I'm not impressed with your footnote.
Actually the reference to Inhofe reminds me of Al Franken's comments about Ann(tichrist) Coulter and her book Treason (or Slander - I didn't read either one). Anyway, Coulter's defense of her outlandish comments was that they were all supported by references "in the footnotes". Of course the "footnotes" were all BS.

3 WHT replies: Granted. But did she have cascaded footnotes that referenced other footnotes? That really shows superior intellect :)


Professor Blogger Bubba said...

I still don't get the double comments thing. Why Haloscan and Blogger? I commented under Haloscan (because I like it better), but by not using Blogger your post shows zero comments.

5:01 PM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

I will get rid of the Haloscan. Bad experiment on my part.

7:25 PM  
Professor Blogger Big Gav said...

Except Haloscan lets people do trackbacks - which is what I was about to do...

1:21 AM  

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