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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Gas prices too high?

I actually got this in my email box courtesy of JCWhitney auto-parts catalog:

FuelBoss™ Magnetic Fuel Savers
Fits easily over inbound fuel line and uses a magnetic field to break up fuel clusters for a better fuel burn. Your engine will have more power, run smoother, last longer and require less maintenance!

And why does my local TV station show the movie Racing For The Sun (1996) as a Sunday matinee?
(a) Alternative energy transportation ideas are on the rise
(b) The students built and drove solar/battery-powered contraptions that kind of looked like the bikes that Lance Armstrong might ride
(c) Halle Berry is popular
(d) Maybe Cat Woman was not so good.

And no, I could not bear watching it, way too hokey, even though there was a semi-evil photo-voltaic company involved and Berry could have made my list of good scientific role-models.


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