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Saturday, June 26, 2004

EPA-Euphemism Advancement Agency

Healthy Forests Initiative - unregulated logging to allow smaller "stronger" trees to grow
Clear Skies Initiative - "removal of birds" - Al Franken

And now...
A pathetic public service announcement has come out deriding a part of American culture. In particular the EPA ridicules car owners who work to reduce their consumption of gasoline; but (curiously) deify homeowners who try to save energy. Some people in the EPA evidently were told it was open season to mock, or, perhaps we should read between the lines.

Energy Savings Initiative - modifying energy usage so oilitists can add to their savings accounts

So this makes sense in only two ways. The non-conspiratorial obvious explanation is hiring ad-people that have sophomorish senses of humor. The more sinister explanation is that the administration wants people to use more oil and less natural gas. Basically more profits to oil companies and protection of our natural gas assets.

Alan Greenspan pontificated on controlling the natural price in April, in which he claimed significant impacts due to natural gas volatility on our economy.
Greenspan said a dramatic rise in recent years in the price of both oil and gas for delivery six years into the future was almost certain to have an impact on the U.S. economy.
But he said the impact was likely to be greater for users of natural gas because they had no global supply to cushion price increases.

And once again we must ask "What was that Secret Energy Task Force" all about?


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