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Sunday, May 16, 2004

It's Cretinism not Creationism

We all know that sarcasm does not work well on the dim-witted. But follow this transcript to see it sublimely executed by a pro.

Senator Inhofe. All right. Let's see. Dr. Mann, since you have characterized your colleagues there in several different ways as nonsense, illegitimate, and inexperienced, let me ask you if you would use the same characterization of another person that I quoted on the floor yesterday. I would like to call your attention to the recent op/ed in the Washington Post by Dr. James Schlesinger, who was Energy Secretary under President Carter. In it, he wrote, "There is an idea among the public that the science is settled. That remains far from the truth." He has also acknowledged the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age. Do you question the scientific integrity of Dr. Schlesinger?

Dr. Mann. I do not think I have questioned scientific integrity. I have questioned scientific expertise in the case of Drs. Willie Soon and David Legates with regard to issues of paleoclimate. As far as Schlesinger is concerned, I am not familiar with any peer-reviewed work that he has submitted to the scientific literature, so I would not be able to evaluate his comments in a similar way. If I could clarify one...

Senator Inhofe. Okay. Well, you can't because there isn't time. I am going to stay within my time frame and I want to get to questions so others will have plenty of opportunity to respond to questions I am sure.

WORD document U.S. Senate, 8/29/2003 Committee on Environment and Public Works


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