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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tuques wanted

I caught this wind-power site from a mention on the Morning Sedition radio show. Marc and Mark spent nearly an hour talking about hydrogen-fuel injection, hybrid cars, hydrogen fuel, and the curious Windship Hydrogen Production Systems courtesy of the Phoenix Project (not to be confused with the Apollo Alliance).

Some trucker happened to call in from northern Alberta criticizing the efficiency of hydrogen injection. Like I said in yesterday's post, the Canadians know the issues, will soon annex the USA, and I will have to get used to listening to Air Canada Radio with Bob and Doug.

In the next hour of the show, Morning Sedition writer/chief environmentalist Jim Earl started a harangue about cops indiscriminately targetting bikers in NYC for fines and such. Mark Riley pointed out that the conscientious bikers would have a higher likelihood of paying the fines, making the tactic pay off for the city. Somebody from Chicago called and mentioned that the Critical Mass events held during last year's RNC turned the police force sour against bikers. Most of the callers complained about bikers using the sidewalks; Earl came back with the obvious "improve the bike lanes" argument. A caller from Austin said that she sees the same problems in Austin, home of Lance Armstrong. I couldn't have laid out the issues better than this, as I freeze my tush biking in to work with sub-zero wind-chills in my face.

Jeez, I'm going to miss this show when it gets canned. sniff, sob, sniff

Who's chopping onions?


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering the toll on birds exacted by land-based wind farms, I'd say the design for a wind power device from the Phoenix Foundation site looks too much like aerial versions of drift nets. In this case the "bycatch" would likely be a yearly toll of countless thousands of migratory seabirds, hawks, songbirds. . . even something as seemingly benign as wind power has its dark side.

11:25 PM  
Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothin' wrong with AC Radio dude, nothin' wrong with Bob and Doug either.

I miss Rick Moranis in all his roles (Honey I Shrunk the Kids, etc), but he's retired from film. He's got a most entertaining CD out now which I can't stop playing.


We need to take a pass on hydrogen, it ain't gonna save us.


6:52 PM  
Professor Blogger @whut said...

All time favorite Moranis roles from SCTV, Tom Monroe, Gerry Todd, and Skip Bittman.

"Whaddaya, nervous? You guys look like you're gonna PULL

8:18 PM  

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