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Sunday, July 03, 2005

World's Material Depletion

Quote of the [insert unit of time here] from William Tucker of the American Enterprise Institute writing in the WSJ opinion page:
The mystery of Saudi oil capacity bears an eerie resemblance to Saddam Hussein's apparent belief that his scientists had developed weapons of mass destruction.

It doesn't stop with the Saudi's pronouncements; lots of folks in the west believe what Aramco states -- just like they believed in Iraq's WMDs.


Professor Blogger JMS said...

wow that is the fine art of a mendacity in support of a lie (did Saddam "believe" in WMD's? *cough* - pass the oxycontin, Limbaugh.)

thanks, WSJ. thanks for nothing.

12:58 AM  
Professor Blogger Big Gav said...

I love that quote - how could I have been so stupid - we were mislead into believing that Iraq had WMD's by Saddam !

Must have been part of his fiendish plot (no doubt hatched with Al Qaeda) to lure US forces into the middle east so they could be mired in an endless insurgency.

Tricky buggers those orientals - we should have learnt from the Roman's mistakes...

2:54 AM  

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