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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The London Eye

As Big Gav posts news that London may consider enforcing speed limits electromechanically, we also see how inner London congestion charges continue to rise.

The Congestion Charge is going up to £8 (€12) on Monday.

Whenever somebody tells you that €1000 is a lot of money to spend on a bike, you can say it is less than 4 months worth of Congestion Charge (and parking comes free too).

"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"

Seriously, I bet Mayor Ken will get asked this question more than a few times as distressed motorists try to figure out how to jam the speed monitoring system.

Salute to Dan Rather, the Nostradamus of the news business.

Update: Distraction in the U.K.
Unfortunate that Bush continues to crash his bike and injure himself even with round-the-clock monitoring at his side. Would that ordinary citizens get that kind of prompt assistance realizing they could recklessly careen down golf cart paths with a coterie of lackeys watching their backside.

Us mere mortals, with a flat 20 miles out of town, and no pump on hand, have to deal with the facts on the ground. Next time that happens, I want to try calling AAA and see what happens when they find a guy with a bike at the side of the road.

(Fellow Texan Lance A. also has his entourage in case of trouble, but he at least understands and has perfected the concept of pace. Bush compulsively and single-handedly gives American cyclists a bad name.)


Professor Blogger Big Gav said...

Like the title :-)

Maybe "All Seeing London Eye" will be appropriate in future - big brother is watching you - from space...

5:24 AM  

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