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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Do they know what they support?

Although I realize that the biggest conglomerate on Wall Street can't always control its rank and file, I find it interesting that Exxon/Mobil has advertised products such as Mobil-1 motor oil quite heavily on pseudo-adversary Air America Radio in recent weeks. This despite the frequency of hosts such as Mike Malloy railing against the revolving door of corporate/political paybacks as well as bone-headed energy and global warming policies supported by Exxon. But who really knows what the Exxon marketeers have in mind? The writing on the wall might well convey to Exxon that progressives may prove a dependable audience for new energy products and ideas. Otherwise, I will just assume that AAR has a very good ad sales staff.

Conversely, the conservative talk aisle continues to have minimal discussion involving energy issues. About the only energy topic to gain a rise concerned the potential Unocal buyout by a nationalized Chinese oil company. Talk of "ChiComms" have gotten hosts such as Spew Spewitt flaming at the mouth over the red menace, but not delving into the deeper issue of energy independence. Patriotism fills the day at the wasteland of right-eous talk. Because Majority Report consists of reruns this week, I caught this revealing quote from a Mil-blogger concerning misplaced bumper sticker patriotism at the Spew show:
"For the cost of that (bumper sticker) magnet, you can send one of the (fallen soldier's) children through college"
(yes, you read that right -- home schooling college is that inexpensive!)

Check this flyer out from Orcinus

Luckily for me, bumber stickers and bicycles don't mix. If they did, I likely would have wound up as road-kill long ago at the hands of the uber-patriots. How long could anyone last without getting "doored" displaying this kind of slogan:
Anti-war Spokes Man

Bikers: Crazy but not Stupid.


Professor Blogger SW said...

I tend to look at it as a two way street. I wonder if air America should be broadcasting Exxon's propaganda. It's sort of like accepting advertizing from tobacco companies in my view.

7:30 AM  

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